About Ecomesse


ECOMESSE – NPO for environmentally conscious city development


Ecomesse is a NPO (not-for-profit) organization that advocates greener city planning and development. Our mission is to create eco-friendly and environmentally conscious communities that will support and sustain greener towns and cities.

We promote eco-friendly lives through events and activities and welcome support from the local communities.

Ecomesse actively promotes and support the following:

  • Protection of green space, water and soil
  • Use of sustainable energy
  • Recycling and reusing existing and old materials

We organize themed events across the city which anyone can get involved.

If you would like to find out more or get involved with Ecomesse and its activities please contact us.  (As the staff may not speak English well, you’d better send a FAX message or an e-mail to the head office if you don’t speak Japanese.

Ecomesse Charity Shop

We currently run 16 “reuse shop” across Tokyo, where we sell second hand goods for good value.  Please come and visit our shops listed on the back page.


We also welcome donations of used and unwanted clothing and household goods.  Proceeds from the sales go to environmental activities.

We accept adults’ and children’s clothes and shoes, dishes, kitchen ware, accessories, toys, ornaments, etc.  Please bring your washed and cleaned items to the any of our reuse shops listed.

Ecomesse Charity Shop locations


NAKANO 2-57-5 Kamitakada Nakano-ku 03-5942-5280
EDOGAWA 6-22-7 Edogawa Edogawa-ku 03-3680-7111
HIRAI 3-24-13 Hirai Edogawa-ku 03-5875-0097
SHIMOMARUKO 3-12-6 Shimomaruko Ota-ku 03-6459-8655
CHITOSE-FUNABASHI 1-1-2 Funabashi Setagaya-ku 03-3425-8883
GAKUGEI-DAIGAKU 6-1-19 Himonya Meguro-ku 03-3791-7915
AKISHIMA 2-7-14 Showa-machi Akishima-shi 042-543-9450
NISHITOKYO 3-26-11 Hoya-machi Nishitokyo-shi 042-439-5524
FUCHU 2-15-1 Miya-machi Fuchu-shi 042-319-9458
KOKUBUNJI 1-5-8 Honda Kokubunji-shi 042-313-8578
KOENJI 3-9-10 Koenji-kita Suginami-ku 03-5356-9185
KOGANEI 5-7-16 Hon-machi Koganei-shi 042-316-6522
HACHIOUJI 3-4 Honcho Hachioji-shi 042-623-9383
CHOUFU 8-1-13 Kokuryou-machi Chofu-shi 042-487-3093


Head Office

2-8-17 Tsurumaki- Setagaya-ku

TEL: 03-6453-2442

e-mail: ecomesse@npo-ecomesse.org     https://ecomesse.jp/